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Gerhold Chemetals Co., Ltd is a Germany company founded in Germany and China in 1997, Gerhold Chemetals focuses on research and development of High-tech products. We insist to provide the highest quality products with the most reasonable price for customers.

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Dispersible Graphene

Product Name : Dispersible Graphene Product Desc...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Graphene oxide

Product Name: G raphene oxide Description: Graphene ox...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Import package graphene

Product Name : Import package graphene Perfect...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Import of graphene thin film of nickel-based

Product Name : Import of graphene thin film o...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Import CVD copper graphene

Product Name : Import CVD copper graphene A...

Posted at  2011-04-26

carboxyl graphene powder

Product Name: C arboxyl graphene powder Desc...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Graphene oxide dispersions

Product Name: G raphene oxide dispersions De...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Graphite oxide powder

Product Name: G raphite oxide powder Descriptio...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Graphene nanosheets

Product Name: graphene nanosheets Appearance: dar...

Posted at  2011-04-26

Flake graphite with high purity

Product Name : Flake graphite with high puri...

Posted at  2011-04-26


Product Name: Nano- graphite Uses : Nano- graphite fo...

Posted at  2011-04-26


Product Name : SAPO-34 Description: SAPO-34 molecular sieve ...

Posted at  2011-04-26
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