Product Name: CMK-3
CMK-3 under the macro-black powder, was under the high power short rod or donut shape, topography is relatively fixed, the average length of particles up to 1.0 μm, a width of about 500-600 nm, purity> 99.6%.
1. catalyst support; 2. capacitor electrode; 3. drug loading; 4. nano reactors; 5. macromolecules adsorption; 6. biosensor; 7. energy storage and hydrogen storage carrier

Mesoporous carbon is a new type of non-silicon-based mesoporous materials, has enormous surface area and pore volume, is expected to catalyst, hydrogen storage materials, electrode materials and other aspects of important applications, so by the people's attention. Mesoporous materials have also double-layer capacitor charge storage material than the metal oxide particles after assembly capacity, much higher than commercially available metal oxide double-layer capacitors. And compared to pure mesoporous silica materials, mesoporous carbon materials exhibit special properties, have high specific surface area, high porosity; pore size is adjustable in a certain range; mesoporous diverse in shape, cell wall composition, structure and properties Adjustable; by optimizing the synthesis conditions can be high thermal stability and hydrothermal stability; synthesis is simple, easy to operate, no physiological toxicity. Its attractive feature is still in its fuel cell, molecular sieve, adsorption, catalytic reaction, the electrochemical potential application areas. In recent years, mesoporous materials science is an international inter-chemistry, physics, materials, biology and other areas of interdisciplinary research is one hot, the development of materials science have become an important milestone.


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